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Video Newsletter

videonewsletterRecent research has confirmed what entrepreneurs already know: embedding regularly-updated high-quality video on your small business website increases the likelihood that it will appear near the top of search results and that your page will be viewed and shared. Adding closed

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Family Life Story

Documenting family life histories

in a video, in tape, or documents



How often have you found those pictures intriguing when your parents were small? Remember how you all had a great time unraveling those amazing moments when your grandparents met and got married. It can be such a surprise for many that find family legacies interesting to discover roots they thought never existed! There are so many wonderful memories that these photographs store in them – given a thought to documenting these stories forever?

If you have not considered creating your own family legacy document, then you are missing out recognizing your ancestors


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Wedding Video

3 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Video with Great Audio

Planning a wedding is hard.

You spent months wondering what type of dresses the bridesmaids should wear.

You scrambled to rearrange the seating arrangement when you realized that Cousin Marsha was seated next to Aunt Maggie (they haven’t spoken to each other in years).

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