The Storyline Productions Story

Everyone has a story – a unique personal journey. We know that along the way there are moments of joy and sorrow, love and loss, triumph, and failure. Telling these stories and the lessons that they imparted is one of the most important qualities of being human. We share our lives with the people we love with the hope of being understood and to help them learn from the path that we have been walking. A path called life.

We named our company “Storyline” because each and every project we undertake begins and ends with you; your voice, your hopes, your memories, and your passion. We have committed ourselves to telling your story with stunning video production that sheds a beautiful light on you and the people and ideas that you care about the most.


Wasim Baobaid, Founder – Storyline Productions

Wasim BaobaidWasim Baobaid is the founder and director of Storyline Productions. A veteran of the video production industry, Wasim has been involved in all areas of videography for nearly two decades. He led three departments and a team of 10 at Ajman TV before moving to E-vision, a sub-division of Etisalat, the biggest and most complete communications company in UAE. In the city of Toronto, Wasim served as Master Control Operator for the Asian Television Network (ATN). While in Halifax he worked with Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services in an altruistic video production capacity helping new Canadians develop critical skills.

Mr. Baobaid directed, produced and edited several broadcast-quality documentaries. His “Yes, I Can” documentary was screened at the Montreal International Film Festival and is currently taught to students in India by WorldKids Foundation as an important part of their “Entertainment with a Purpose” program. Wasim’s “Sax Appeal” documentary aired on CBC Ottawa in 2012, was featured at the Wakefield International Film Festival, and was written about in the Algonquin College newspaper. Mr. Baobaid received a SAW video grant to produce a documentary about blindness. The world premier screening takes place later this year. Indeed, Wasim’s documentary films have graced prestigious screens from coast to coast and have achieved international acclamation.

As the founder and head of Storyline Productions, Wasim Baobaid continues his visual and service excellence in the Metropolitan Ottawa area. Although a full service commercial video production house, his business pursuits have now merged with his humanitarian imperative. Wasim presently uses his talents to bring joy to families by creating interview videos and posterity documentaries of family members wishing to pass their memories on to all future generations.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Wasim at Storyline Productions at (613) 400-4247 and online at www.storylineproductions.ca.