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Readers like video and Google likes video, but sometimes small business owners don’t like video.

Video Newsletter

videonewsletterRecent research has confirmed what entrepreneurs already know: embedding regularly-updated high-quality video on your small business website increases the likelihood that it will appear near the top of search results and that your page will be viewed and shared. Adding closed captioning and transcriptions increases these effects. Readers like video and Google likes video, order but sometimes small business owners don’t like video. They worry that quality videos could be expensive and time consuming to make, visit web or that they don’t have anything to say. We’re here to change that.

Video is an excellent way to introduce customers to your key staff, to establish your expertise, and to help potential clients to associate your business with a familiar face. The benefits of video extend well beyond their primary use as a form of communication. Google’s recent search algorithm updates give priority to sites that answer questions users are asking. Sites with videos, and in particular sites with transcription for their videos, tend to rank higher because they provide fresh, rich content that answers real questions.

Are you worried about having little to say? Here are just a few examples of ways that entrepreneurs are sharing via regular video newsletters:
• A restaurateur demonstrates how to prepare a key menu item
• A consultant answers a weekly client-submitted question
• A veterinarian provides a tour of his pet-care facility
• A fitness instructor shares an ongoing series of exercise tips
• A photographer tells how to get the perfect shot
We can work with you to create a plan for ongoing video content that showcases your business and your expertise. Our three plans below are designed to meet the needs of busy small business owners with an eye on their bottom line. Contact us today to discuss how regular video newsletters can improve your small business outcomes.

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